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Sat Nav Garmin update

Drive confidently with the latest Sat-Nav Garmin update. Download the updates designed for cars, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles, and RVs. Get the dashcam support for improved awareness on the road. Remove doubts while driving, concentrate on the road without worrying about traffic, weather and other such issues. Embark on a long-highway adventure or go on your daily commute with the new updates. Driver alerts provide timely warnings to slow down when you are approaching a traffic camera, school zone or speed camera.

Roads & streets change up to 15% per year. Businesses move to new addresses. An old and outdated sat-nav map can take you to the wrong location. You may end up in the middle of nowhere driving with an old map. To keep the users updated with all the changes going around our company release map updates every 3-months. For a smoother driving experience, we publish software updates regularly. Check for updates by connecting the GPS device to the computer. If you are finding it difficult to update the sat nav, contact our GPS experts.

Sat Nav Garmin update
Garmin sat-nav updates

Garmin sat-nav updates

Download Garmin sat-nav updates for driving without worrying about slow traffic, jams and weather conditions. Get the latest updates and features with cutting edge technology. Update the device by connecting it with the computer or WiFi. Real-time updates take out the unexpected from driving. Reach your destination efficiently and safely.

We have got you covered on your daily commute, going on fun trips with family and friends or driving for enjoyment. Get the best route every time with the latest intelligent routing system.

Our world and travelling changed with the start of the pandemic, we no longer can move freely without thinking about our and our loved one's safety. Get real-time alerts for peace of mind during driving. Regions marked in bold colours as safe/ unsafe.

Get street-level detailed maps with turn-by-turn voice navigation. New points of interest added. With the latest updates, get signals even in areas with high-rise buildings.

Update your GPS device every 3-months for faster, smoother and efficient navigation. If you're having any issues with the map update, contact our GPS experts.

Sat Nav GPS updates

Download the latest Sat-nav GPS updates and drive efficiently. Reach your destination on time safely every time. When you are driving with an old outdated map you are not taking full advantage of the device navigation capabilities. It can also direct you to the wrong location compromising your safety. The new map & software updates ensure that you are driving without worrying about these issues. Driving is more intuitive than ever with the latest updates. Features like turn-by-turn voice navigation, live traffic and weather updates are improved.

View routes easily without straining your eyes with improved automatic brightness. To provide our customers with the best experience we add new features regularly.

Improved accuracy

Better accuracy in places where it is difficult to get a signal. Increased signal latching and locking ability.

Better details

Life-like detailed street-level map with the new updates. View more information on the map screen.

New POIs

Get new POIs like hotels, ATMs, restaurants, cafes, fuel stations. Reach these places with one touch.

Sat Nav GPS updates

Garmin car GPS update

Garmin car GPS update is available for download. The latest maps help you drive safely while the software updates help you drive intuitively. Get free updates for selected models. Connect your GPS device to a computer or WiFi network to check the free update eligibility. Contact our GPS experts if you are finding it difficult to update your GPS device.

Garmin car Map Update

Map Update

We publish map updates every 3-months. Get the latest routes, POIs, addresses, traffic, weather updates for efficient driving.

Garmin car Free map update

Free map update

Download the maps without paying any additional fee. Lifetime updates are available for selected models. The map is of the same region that came pre-installed with the device.

Garmin car Paid map update

Paid map update

Install a map of another region whenever you require by paying a small fee. Download smaller maps for old devices.

Garmin car Software Update

Software Update

We release software updates regularly for providing our users with the best navigation experience. Update your GPS device for the latest features.

Sat Nav Dash Cam download

Garmin sat nav dash cam download is available with the latest parking assist features. Update the device using the Garmin Drive app, available on Google Play and the App Store. Connect the app with the camera and it will check for available updates.

Download the app

Go to the App Store or Play Store according to your phone model.

  • Search for Garmin Drive by typing in the search box.
  • Click on the icon when the search is finished.
  • Agree to the terms of use.
  • Run the app.
Manually update the device
  • 1. Go to the tools > Click on Wheel symbol
  • 2. Select your device
  • 3. Check for updates
  • 4. Touch to install now

The app will update the software of the Dashcam. Use a MicroSD card for installing the updates.

Sat Nav Dash Cam download

How to update Garmin satnav

You have come to the right place if you’re searching for how to update Garmin satnav. We recommend updating your GPS device regularly for stress-free driving. You will not be eligible for new updates if you haven't updated your GPS device in 2-years. It can render your sat-nav useless.

Update your sat-nav in simple steps
Connect to the computer

Connect to the computer

Connect the device with the USB cable that came with the box. Don't use unsecured WiFi for WiFi supported models.

Run the Updater

Run the Updater

Start the update software after connecting. It will search for the available updates. The process is automatic in WiFi supported devices.

Install the Updates

Install the Updates

Download the updates on your computer and then transfer them to your device. The update process is automatic in the WiFi models.