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Garmin Basecamp maps

Download the latest Garmin Basecamp maps and go on your next outdoor adventure with your family and friends. Make the most of your next outdoor activity, relieve the old trips with Basecamp. Easily plan your outdoor activities, organize device content and share your adventures with other users.

Plan a trip: Planning your trip has never been this fun and easy. Use the app for your next biking, hiking, driving, motorcycling and off-road trips. View maps, plan routes, mark tracks and waypoints from the computer. Transfer the data to your GPS device easily afterwards.

Trace your routes, view elevation changes with the Track Draw feature. Estimate the difficulty of your next bike ride or hike.

Plan a scenic route for your next adventure. Ensure that the navigator takes you through beautiful waypoints.

Relive your trips with the playback feature. Save and share your adventures with other users.

Garmin Basecamp maps

Garmin Basecamp download

Garmin Basecamp download is available for free for both Windows and Mac computers. Easily view and backup data from GPS devices, manage BridsEye imagery, update maps and software. Get the application now by going through the simple steps.

  • Click the download button
  • Run the executable file, i.e., Basecamp.exe
  • If you are unable to find the downloaded file or the browser is not able to run then press Control + J and select the file.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts for installation.
Garmin Basecamp download Windows
Garmin Basecamp download Mac
  • Click the download button
  • Open the BaseCamp.dmg file
  • Double-click on the Basecamp icon to run the program
  • Follow on-screen prompts for installation.

How to use Garmin Basecamp

Basecamp software makes trip planning easy whether you're travelling on 18 wheels or your own two legs or anything in between. Go through the instructions if you want to know How to use Garmin Basecamp. When you launch the app for the first time, it will ask you to select an activity. It will customize afterwards for the activity. It manages data like waypoint locations, track a series of connected points from the map screen.

Plug your device into your computer’s USB port for viewing detailed road/ topographical maps. Use the drop-down menu to manage maps and purchase/ unlock new maps. Move the map using the hand-tool located in the toolbar. Use the magnifying glass icon to zoom in or out. Work through the existing waypoints route geocaches and other already saved data appearing under my collection. Organize this data into a list using the list-icon.

How to use Garmin Basecamp
Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2 download

Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2 download

Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2 download is available with improved features for off-road adventures.

System requirements
  • You will need to have Windows 7 or a later version for downloading and using BaseCamp 4.6.2.
  • .NET framework 4.6 is needed. The latest version of .NET will be installed automatically if required.
  • At least 1GB of RAM, although 2GB is preferred. For using features like BirdsEye Imagery or custom maps you would need 2GB RAM.
  • Video card supporting OpenGL version 1.3 or later for the 3D view.
  • If you are experiencing issues when interacting with maps, ensure you have installed the latest video drivers.
  • BaseCamp does not work with serial sat-nav devices.
  • It will recognize all products of MapSource except BlueChart.
  • Zumo connection issues fixed
  • Bugs & stability fixes
  • Routing mismatch issue fixed
  • Enabled Yelp searches

Contact our GPS support when you are having trouble installing Basecamp.

Garmin Basecamp 4.5.2 download

Garmin Basecamp 4.5.2 download is now available for every handheld GPS device. The latest features will help you to safely go on off-road adventures.

Before downloading the updates, please check the system requirements.
  • Windows 7 or later OS for downloading the BaseCamp 4.6.2 version.
  • 1 GB of RAM. If you want to use immersive features like custom maps or BirdsEye view, you will need 2 GB of RAM.
  • A dedicated video card for OpenGL 1.3. You can also view the map in lifelike 3D.
  • Install the latest video drivers on your computer if you are having trouble interacting with the Basecamp maps.
  • The application will not update your Garmin Sat-nav.
  • The latest version recognizes all MapSource products with the exception of BlueChart.
Improvements made with this version:
  • An issue with the routing mismatch fixed
  • Solved connection issue with Zumo models
  • Improved stability and bugs removed
  • Better Yelp searches

When you are facing any issue with Garmin BaseCamp, contact our GPS experts.

Garmin Basecamp 4.5.2 download
Garmin MapSource software download

Garmin MapSource software download

Garmin MapSource software download is available with the latest updates. New changes in the software version 6.16.3 from the previous version.

System requirements
  • Fixed map display issues, 22s & 71 labels instead of highway names
  • Issues with the pedestrian routing fixed
  • Easily find nearest waypoints with the new update
  • Issues with the vertical profile custom scale settings fixed
  • Fixed selection issue
  • MapSource not remembering the grid setting fixed
  • Updating process made easier
  • Download the MapSource update file on your computer
  • Run the executable file (.exe)
  • Follow the onscreen prompts for completing the MapSource installation.

If you are having trouble with MapSource, contact our GPS experts.